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For the past, full of the memory of extraordinary time.
Many predecessors made strenuous efforts to seek new development for Shuita Company.
For today, we are high-spirited and vigorous.
Thousands of employees practically forge the new image of Shuita Company.
For future, we are ambitious.
With transformative development and drawing on the wisdom of the masses, new development of Shuita Company will be realized.


    Shuita people brew Shuita brand vinegar. With persistence and efforts of Shuita people of several generations, present achievement of Shuita brand vinegar and Shuita Company are realized: from the founders in previous generations to new employees born in 1980s like me, from the high-end researchers in Beijing Research Institute to every employee of the branch factories that works hard at the first line of vinegar brewing, from table vinegar brewing workers, health-preservation vinegar R & D team to tourism development workers of “Baoyuan Old Vinegar Workshop”. Shuita people have built one enterprise group that integrates raw material base, scientific research and development, starter propagation and brewing, package and transport, marketing and planning and tourism culture.
    Shuita brand vinegar nourishes Shuita people. With the vinegar brewing and maturing process of “placing in ice in winter and insolation in summer”, the working attitude of discarding the dross and selecting the essential and keeping improving of Shuita people is forged; the unique “sour, fragrant, soft, sweet and fresh” taste embodies the broad and profound ideas of Shuita people; the five steps of “steaming, fermentation, smoking, pouring and maturing” necessary for Shanxi old mature vinegar quenches the practical and foreseeing spirit of Shuita people. “Asked ditch that is clear like this for has the source running water”, self-confidence of Shuita people and prosperity of Shuita Company take Shanxi vinegar culture that has long history and profound accumulation, and is benefited by the values of “benevolence, righteousness, politeness, wisdom and trust” of Shanxi Merchants.
    The lofty Shuigelou symbols rapid development of the Company; the quiet Baoyuan Workshop presents constantly new corporate culture; the pure Shuita brand vinegar implies the long-standing source for company growth; these upright Shuita people illustrate the prosperous future of the Company.
    When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you will ride the winds and cleave the waves. High-spirited and vigorous Shuita people must pilot the fashion of the times, inherit the non-material cultural heritage of Shanxi old mature vinegar to descendants and promote comprehensive upgrade of vinegar industry in China, make “Shuita brand vinegar and authentic Shanxi vinegar” to have a solid position in Shanxi Province, become popular all over China and affect the world.






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